Fashion Design Illustration Spotlight – PAPERFASHION’s Katie Rodgers

Paper Fashion Katie Rodgers

This is one of my favorite, Boston-based fashion designers, Kathryn Elyse Rodgers, or better known as Katie of PAPERFASHION.  I’ve been keeping my eye on this fashion illustrator for awhile now, and her drawings are fun, fresh, stylish, warm, and playful.

Paper Fashion Katie Rodgers 2

The illustration above was on’s website listing fun events for Fashion Night Out 2011.  Katie of PAPERFASHION was painting illustrations live for Rockport’s new line of bags.  Sorry I missed it!  It must have been very cool indeed.

Katie doesn’t have long for Boston, it seems she’s off to Barcelona this fall to do something new and exciting with her blossoming fashion design career.  But you can see Katie anytime by checking out this video DESIGNLOVEFEST and watching Katie paint something fabulous!

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Dangling Inspirations Twittering Above

Dangling Inspirations

Capiz Pendants are one of the most simple, charming, and affordable additions for any room that needs a happy pick-me-up.  They come in all colors but I love the neutral shells that pick up varying shades of light and add to the airy, whimsical feel of these organic decorations.  Some are made for lighting and others are merely mobile charms meant for aesthetics.

capiz-shell-chandeliers-2 capiz-shell-chandeliers-1



I first saw one of these capiz pendants when we were buying our home.  The owner had a white capiz dangling above the baby’s crib and it was incredibly beautiful.  For such a small item, it really added a lot of personality to the room.

I have the second one from the top hanging in my studio in a darker shade of sand, it has some warmer gold tones that appear only when the sunlight hits it.  On a breezy summer day, it also has a subtle chime affect when the windows open and a gust of wind flows through the hanging shels. Ahhh…. so relaxing!

Dangling Inspirations 3



lDangling Inspirations 4

I bought mine at World Market for around $50, but I also have seen some nice ones at West Elm, Pier 1 Imports, and Pottery Barn in a range of prices.

If you don’t need one inside, there’s always the deck, or a tree in the yard under a hammock!


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If Happiness had a Scent

Today I discovered the happiest treat for my hands strolling through the Italian North End of Boston.  While visiting one of my favorite little shops called Shake the Tree, I found a creamy, heavenly-scented hand lotion by Lolita.  My favorite was called WISH, and I’ll be carrying this treasure around with me  in my bag for quite awhile!

Happiness Scent 2

This cream has a soft aroma of Jasmine, Amber, Wood and Vanilla which reminds me of home every time I unscrew the cap and inhale.  The lotion although very creamy, absorbs quickly into my skin and leaves behind a smooth, rejuvenated, supple surface.

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